This book was conceived in 2016 when Louise was approached by Big Picture Press with the idea to initially illustrate a pre-existing book. It was soon realised that Louise was not really an Illustrator but a Contemporary Artist, and at the time she was doing a solo show with George Thornton Gallery called 'Survival' based on endangered species, as she was wanting to highlight how many animals are being lost though powerful, arresting imagery. The publishers realised that there wasn't currently a book in existence on endangered species that has bold artwork, was colourful and drew attention to the plight of these animals in a positive, proactive way. Over the course of the next two years, 20 paintings were created by Louise highlighting key species of endangered animals to create this beautiful, iconic and important book called 'Survival'. It covers from the tiny Sapphire-Bellied Hummingbird to the largest animal on the planet - the Blue Whale. McNaught is thrilled that the book has been sponsored by the well-known charity Tusk.org, famously championed by Prince Harry and Prince William, and the foreword is written by Tusk Founder and CEO Charlie Mayhew, and a percentage of the book sales goes towards Tusk. The wording in the book has all been beautifully done by the experienced animal book writer Anna Claybourne and sold 18000 copies so far.

The images from the book are also available as Fine Art Prints (see below).