Z is for:
Zimbabwean Giant Carpenter Bee
Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 5x5 inches.
Latin: Xylocopa flavorufa
Location: This is a species of giant carpenter bee native to Zimbabwe and other African locales. The confusion of species arises particularly in the common names; in India, for example, the common name for any all-black species of Xylocopa is bhanvra, and reports and sightings of bhanvra are commonly misattributed to a European species, and most reports of bhanvra, especially elsewhere in India, refer to any of roughly 15 other common black Xylocopa species in the region,
Characteristics: Many species in this enormous genus are difficult to tell apart; most species are all black, or primarily black with some yellow, orange or white hairs. Some differ only in subtle morpholo

Zimbabwean Giant Carpenter Bee (A-Z Series)


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