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In my A-Z if Bees this badass  W is...
Wallace’s Giant Bee
Oil, acrylic, gold leaf and spray paint on canvas, 5x5 inches.
Latin: Megachile Pluto
Location: Thought to be extinct as none had been seen for nearly 40 years, until two were found in 2018 and a live female filmed in 2019. It’s a very large kind of Indian Resin Bee and is the largest bee in the world.
Characteristics: This black resin bee is well developed with large jaws. The species exhibits strong sexual dimorphism: females may grow to 1.5 inches with a wingspan of 2.5 inches. Males only grow to about 1 inch in size and only females have the large jaws.
Endangered status: was thought to be extinct but has now been classed as Vulnerable.

Wallace’s Giant Bee (A-Z Series)

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