Giclee on Somerset Velvet 330gsm Paper with Iridescent Blue Handscreened Background and Handscreened Gloss Varnish Butterflies. 48x60cm. Only available for from the 13th-22nd November, number of editions will be dictated by how many sell in that time window. Please allow 2/3 weeks for delivery, especially if framed. Framing options also available in either a black or white float mounted modern wooden frame (see editional images) with plexiglass, so piece arives ready to hang in a high spec frame.

I decided to call ‘The Waking Dream’, because it has a lot of thoughts behind it. I’ve used a swarm of Monarch butterflies as they’re stunningly beautiful, which is magnified en masse - but they’re also endangered, and in that way represent life, which is both beautiful and finite. Having them in a swarm also represents the chaos of life, especially in our current times, and a few of the butterflies are glitching, which is questioning reality itself. Is this all even real? Is it a simulation or even a dream?......

Waking Dream (Timed-Release)


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