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Acrylic, iridescent paint and spray paint on canvas, 100x100cm.
‘Too Beautiful to Be Real’ is summing up how I feel about many aspects of nature. It features the glitching wings of a Morpho butterfly. Due to their size and striking beauty, blue morpho butterflies are one of the most emblematic and favorite of all Amazon species. They have a characteristic vivid blue color and shiny wings that reflect the light, and I’ve used iridescent paint to mimic this. They are one of the largest butterflies in the world, measuring around six inches long and with wing spans of up to 20 centimetres and really do seem ‘too beautiful to be real’. This beauty also unfortunately leads to them being sought out for people who want them for their collections and they are even sometimes used for jewellery. They are under threat from habitat loss and fragmentation as they do reside mainly in the Amazon.

Too Beautiful to be Real

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