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Oil and acrylic on wooden panel, 60x76x4cm. For enquiries about this Original Painting please Contact Us at : Framing available. This piece is about humanity being ‘asleep, clumsy and slow to react’, very much like the Dodo bird - and the Dodo beautifully symbolises extinction and mankind’s detrimental affect on nature. The hummingbirds are endangered Long Tailed Sylphs, and are literally plucking the feathers from the Dodo trying to wake him up, saying ‘Wake Up to the beauty that’s all around you and protect what’s left!’. Hummingbirds traditionally represent messengers from the ‘spirit world ’ and have been seen my many ancient cultures as deeply spiritual birds. The Dodo was also a very memorable character from Alice in Wonderland, and is a bird has a very whimsical feel about it aswell as a lot of charisma to its physicality.

Time to Wake Up

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