Giclee on Somerset Velvet 330 gsm Paper. 35.5x40cm. Edition Size dictated by Timed Release Period. Available to Pre-Order. Released 5-7th March 2021. This piece is being released as a collaboration with Forrest Galante, the well-known Presenter and Wildlife Biologist of 'Extinct or Alive' on this Discovery Channel. Profits from the sale of this timed release print will go towatds Forrests new non-profit called ' Nature and Adventure' which focuses on bring exposure to important wildlife causes all over the world. Free shipping worldwide. This piece is of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger (which is technically a marsupial) that became extinct in the 1930s. A beautiful feature native to Tasmania in Australia, it’s depicted as glitching in this piece as although it has even declared to be extinct there have been sitings ever since....

Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)


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