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Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 30x30x4cm.
This will be the koala which will become part of the Australian of my book ‘Survival’, produces by @bigpicturepress! Koalas have had an extraordinarily tough time as they were called as ‘vulnerable as a species before the bushfires a few months ago, numbers predicted between 43,000-100,000. It is thought by WWF Australia estimates that at least 8,400 of those died in the fires pushing them into the endangered category. Prior to this the koalas has other threats like a Chlamydia which they pass on sexual which causes them boundless and infertility, there greatly affecting their population numbers. Thankfully the Australians live and value these sweet marsupials so much that many rescue centres and efforts have been set up to try and help, including @australiankoalafoundation @koalahospital_euc_plantation which I encourage everyone to donate to. We need to do all we can do we don’t loose the important, iconic and gorgeous animals from the planet.


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