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Acrylic, gold leaf, and iridescent paint on Birch wood panel, 20x20cm. Each piece comes in its own made to order mini wooden coffin ⚰️ (see photos) . Purchase enquiries please contact us at

The Stag Beetle - Dark Omen Series. I’ve always been fascinated by Stag beetles, they have such a big presence for an insect, and are mesmerising when then take flight! I had to include them in the dark omen series, as generally people have a negative view of beetles, so I wanted to elevate them with gold leaf and iridescent paint, to highlight their beauty and symbolism.

In German folklore, the male stag beetle was associated with Thor, the god of thunder, lightning, and burning embers. People believed that Thor, with the help of the stag beetle, set fire to buildings. The scarab was worshiped in European religious culture is actually the stag beetle, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. The stag beetle in Ancient Egyptian symbolism was called – Keph-ra. He was the ‘Egyptian god of midnight who bears the sun through the underworld’. Such stunning, and sacred creatures, I hope featuring the Stag Beetle in this series highlights how highly ancient cultures regarded them, and the hope that we will again 🪲

Stag Beetle - Dark Omen Series Sold 🔴

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