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Oil, acrylic, spray paint and iridescent paint on Birch wooden panel. Contact for purchase enquiries or via the chat function.

A seraph is traditionally a term used to describe an angel — a heavenly, human-like creature with many wings. In Christianity and many other religions , a seraph is an angel of the first order, a member of a group of angels called the seraphim, who are believed to have six wings. In some old depictions of them, the angels looked like very surreal creatures often with many wings and eyes! Nothing like the depictions of traditional angels being basically like a human with . I wanted to create an angelic creature to represent each of the 5 elements, based more on the old depictions but with a modern take. In this piece the six wings are based on an endangered Hyacinth Macaw, which have the most beautiful violet-blue enormous wings - which I felt would be the perfect colours for the element of ‘Water’. The centre of the being is a Galaxy, to represent the Universe, and the all-knowing…

Seraph - Water (Waiting in the Wings Series)

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