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Oil, acrylic, iridescent paint and spray paint on canvas, 80x80cm.
This piece is celebrating and drawing attention to the iridescent beauty of the stag beetle, and it’s traditional symbolism. The stag beetle (scarab) in Ancient Egyptian symbolism was called  – Keph-ra.  He was the 'Egyptian god of midnight who bears the sun through the underworld’ In Egyptian cosmology, the beetle represents the concept of nonexistence coming into existence. Egyptian belief in the scarab as a symbol of life beyond the grave,  it thus represented immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection  appears to have arisen from observations of beetles emerging from the ball of dung in which beetles lay their eggs.. The English name is derived from the large and distinctive mandibles found on the males of most species.
This piece can be framed up in an elegant modern thick wooden tray frame in black, white or grey if desired. 


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