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Please contact us at for purchase details on Originals. Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas. 50x60x4cm.This piece is of a seahorse that is named ‘Rainbow is my Favourite Colour’ as that is what my five year old daughter said when she saw the painting. The seahorse is very colourful and set against a soft grey backdrop. This piece of a striking little rainbow seahorse taps into the symbolism behind the seahorse. Lots of cultures consider the seahorse to be extremely magical and lucky. Seahorses are extremely unique as the males carry the babies and has an odd way of living, and let’s face it – these creatures are quite unusual looking too. The symbolic meaning of seahorse is quite intricate and diverse as this little creature itself is full of surprises.The seahorse is quite a unique creature, and thought to have mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, European (alchemists) and Asians.The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the seahorse was an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon and as such, the seahorse was considered a symbol of strength and power.Furthermore, the ancient Eurpeans believed that the seahorse carried the souls of deceased sailors to the underworld – giving them safe passage and protection until they met their soul’s destination..

Rainbow is my Favourite Colour - - SOLD

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