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For details on Originals please Contact us via‘Pig Out’, acrylic on fast food bag. (Instant Gratification Series). Will be framed in a float mounted white or black wooden frame. Included in price. Pigs are the most intensively farmed animal in the world via factory farming where they spend their life in cages. In these cages, mother pigs live their whole lives unable to express natural behaviours, forage, or socialise with other pigs. They are kept alone and they experience lameness, intense stress, self-inflicted injury and depression.Selectively bred to produce as many piglets as possible, a mother pig’s adult life begins when she is first impregnated. This is sometimes done when the pig is as young as eight months.  Finally, after she has endured this pregnancy in a prison, she is moved to a ‘birthing’ cage, where there’s nothing but bars and concrete again. Her natural instinct is to build a nest, but she is unable to. She’s highly stressed at the very moment she needs to relax. This adds even more pain and suffering to the birth. When her piglets arrive, the steel bars often block her from reaching them.  She is unable to form a normal mother-piglet bond. They are then taken away after just 3 weeks, when the mother is made pregnant again, and the process is repeated again and again until her body can’t take it anymore. This is a cruel life for what is actually an intelligent animal.

Pig Out (Instant Gratification Series) 🔴 SOLD

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