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Acrylic, fine glitter, colour change paint and iridescent medium on Birch wood panel, 20x20cm. For purchase enquiries contact us at

Peach Blossom Jellyfish get their name from being small than an inch, and looking like peach blossoms as they undulate in fresh water. They are the only fresh water jellyfish in the world too! I’ve painted them to show them in the most beautiful light, in iridescent paint, high gloss varnish on the jellyfish with a colour changing paint background that changes from green to purple, with fine glitter along the natural tree lines of the wooden panel it is painted on to look like water. This species has been around for over 600 million years and Peach blossom jellyfish, otherwise known as the fresh water jellyfish, are endangered due to being used as food for fish farms, are captured as pets, can only live in fresh water, cannot tolerate temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit so are sensitive to global warming , and are also highly sensitive to pollution.

I’ve included these jellyfish in my Dark Omen Series which covers animals people often thing negatively about, as a lot of people often hate jellyfish, mainly because they can sting you, but on the flip side they can also be very beautiful, and small and fragile - like these ones. They can sting fish but don’t sting humans, and there are jellyfish species that don’t sting at all - like moon jellyfish.

Peach Blossom Jellyfish - Dark Omen Series 🔴 SOLD

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