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Please contact us at for purchase. Acrylic and spray paint on soda can with glass cloche . What I find hard to currently fathom about octopus is that we don’t really know which of them are endangered as they are very difficult to account for! Which is very worrying...I learned quite a lot of facts about these fascinating creatures from my childhood - how they have 3 hearts, some can open jars, It is the only animal known to shift between multiple complex imitations, a talent called dynamic mimicry. It has been known to impersonate more than 15 different marine species, including flounders, lionfish, and sea snakes. There’s over 300 species of them but did you know most only live for a few years, 4 usually being the maximum! It seems like such a short time for such an intelligent creature.

Octopus - Soda Canimal Mini Series

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