Oil and Acrylic on Wooden Art Palette, 20x30cm. Comes in a  float mount frame like the in the additional images pictured, other frame colours available.For enquiries about this Original Painting please Contact Us at : info@louisemcnaught.com. 
It’s National Unicorn Day and unicorns have appeared in my work several times over the years. Unicorns are important to me on various levels, one being they’re the national symbol of where I’m from (Scotland), my daughter is utterly obsessed with them which I find adorable, and also they’re a very poignant part of one of my favourite movies, Bladerunner. In this movie the unicorn symbolises Deckard’s subconscious mind in which he yearns for freedom, like the mystical creature - which however is akin to a myth of the capitalistic world of Bladerunner. The Unicorn symbolism runs against the grain of what he truly stands for, a weapon of the State meant to hunt down replicants instilled with emotions. This is a possible reason behind Deckard falling in love with a replicant called Rachel. I’ve hinted at this by giving this Unicorn I’ve painted as part of my Palette series, the reflective eye of a replicant/android.

Nature is the True Artist - Unicorn

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