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Acrylic on wooden art palette, 20x30cm. This piece will come framed and a percentage pf the sale will go to the Pangolin Crisis Fund. Contact us at for enquiries about Originals.Pangolins are such unusual animals, they look prehistoric and look like no other creature - yet not many people know about them. I have painted one here emerging out of the darkness to raise awareness of their plight. This piece is part of my ‘Nature is the True Artist’ series, and I’ll be donating some of the sale to the ‘Pangolin Crisis Fund’. Pangolins are hunted to supply a rampant illegal global trade in their scales, meat, and body parts. Because of demand—mostly in Asia, where pangolin meat is considered a delicacy and their scales are believed to have medicinal qualities. Out of the 8 Pangolin species the four African species—the ground pangolin, giant pangolin, white-bellied, and black-bellied—are listed as vulnerable. Numbers of all pangolin species are dwindling fast which is why the Wildlife Conservation Network and Save Pangolins created the Pangolin Crisis Fund in Partnership with the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation to help stop trafficking of this amazing creature and raise awareness and help conserve the pangolins that are left.

Nature is the True Artist Series - Pangolin

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