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Acrylic and silver leaf on Wooden Art Palette, 20x30cm. Comes in a  float mount frame like the one pictured, other frame colours available.For enquiries about this Original Painting please Contact Us at : This piece is depicting the glorious but sadly endangered Barn Owl. The species as a whole is not declared as endangered , but in many places the species is in deep decline and endangered due to loss of habitat, to such an extent the barn owl is on Schedule 1 of both the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 and The Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order, 1985; therefore the birds, their nests, eggs and young are fully protected at all times throughout the UK. This series is all about how I find nature endlessly inspiring as Nature is the Real Artist, and I have used silver leaf as a backdrop to reflect the Barn Owls sacred connection to the moon and reflect how precious this beautiful bird is....A percentage of the sale off this piece will be donated to the Barn Owl Trust Charity.

Nature is the True Artist Series (Barn Owl)


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