M is for ‘Morrison Bumblebee ’ from the A-Z Bees & Beetles Ticket Series’. Painted in Oils on a real train ticket from St Bees with miniature brushes to create a high level of detail. All the tickets from this series are to or from St Bees Station 🐝. The ticket also states August 13th 2019 - the date the piece was painted :)
Morrison Bumblebee is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Under ‘Vulnerable’ as it’s faced decline in several areas. It’s native to North America. Latin name being Bombus Morrisoni. Characterised by having densely packed yellow hairs all over the top of its body.
We offer two beautiful framing choices on our artwork, of either a chunky flat white natural wooden grain frame with a white mount backing and natural glass, or a chunky black flat natural wooden grain frame, with black mount backing and natural glass. These modern choices compliment the artwork perfectly and suit most decors.We can also deliver framed Originals overseas with the Overseas option (postage included)

Morrison Bumblebee (A-Z Bees & Beetles Ticket Series)


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