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For M in my A-Z of Bees is for this funky bee that looks like a alien-bee hybrid! Metallic Green BeeOil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 5x5 inches.Latin: AgapostemonLocation: Some 42 species in the genus range from Canada to Argentina However they have been slowly moving to California . In cool temperate regions, there is one generation per year, with females being active in the early summer and males and pre-diapausing females active in the late summer. Only mated females survive the winter. This is probably because unmated females cannot enter diapause.[1] Males can often be seen in large numbers flying around shrubs with large flowers, such as Rose of Sharon. Agapostemon angelicus are native to the Texas high plains. They specialized in being pollinators for cotton.[2] They can serve as replacement for honey bees in pollinationCharacteristics: They are members of the family of bees known as Halictidae. Like other sweat bees, they are attracted to human sweat, and they use the salt from the sweat for nutrition. They are generally green or blue, especially the head and thorax.Endangered status: Least concern

Metallic Green Bee (A-Z Series)

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