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Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 60x60x4cm 

Enquire at for details on Originals.

This piece was created to highlight the species that are generally looked down upon, because humanity has negative connotations with them for whatever reason. With jellyfish itis often that people see them as a threat because they sting in defence, but it reality it is just nature in motion and they are actually very beautiful and benign organisms (unless you get in their way!), and this is why I set them against gold - to echo the reflective qualities of water and to hignlight the fluid beauty of these creatures that have to literally go with the flow of the ocean and represent going with the flow of life.....

We offer two beautiful framing choices on our originals of either a flat wooden white natural tray frame with a white mount backing, or a black flat natural wooden tray frame, with black mount backing.

These modern choices compliment the artwork perfectly and suit most decors. We can also deliver framed painting overseas (postage included).

Liquid Wisteria

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