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Oil, acrylic, copper leaf, iridescent paint and high gloss spot varnish on birch wood panel, 10x12x2xm. Contact us at for purchase information. Free Swag Bag of Artisan Honey, Beeswax Candle and holder, Limited Edition Louise McNaught Enamel Bee Pin, Pollinator Bookmarks and ‘Bee Bomb’ with every bee purchase! Bees will be posted out after May 20th.

This series is about the idea of bees having a ‘hive mind, a collective consciousness where they intuitively knowing what the other bees are doing and working well as a collective, as well as also working well individually when they have to go out and source pollen - so the individual is as important as the collective. On this bases these hexagon bee paints are created to work together as a ‘collective hive’ as well as on their own. There are glowing orbs in the background to represent the idea of the collective consciousness, and copper leaf on the sides of the hexagons to echo the alchemy of honey making they are all working towards in the hive.

Hive Mind Series - Queen Honey Bee 🔴 SOLD

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