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Giclee on Somerset Velvet 330 gsm Paper with a Deckled Edge, 60x60cm. Edition of 3 Artist Proofs. Signed, numbered and embossed-stamped by the Artist.

This piece is about the preciousness of our natural world, and how the most beautiful things may disappear due to the intervention of man and technology, symbolised dripping paint. The zebra looks as though it is unravelling, fading away. The paint is rising up like the zebra is disappearing into the ether, adding a sense of the numinous...

The original was put on a square canvas to echo the shape of man. Zebras are a metaphor for something that is 'literal', when you are looking at something in 'black and white', and as beasts they are sure-footed and poised. To see such a strong, iconic and steadfast animal in this vulnerable manner challenges our perceptions about how we treat nature and the environment..

Fragmented Freedom - #Blue


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