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Please contact us at for purchase details on Originals. Coloured pencils on cartridge paper, 21x29cm. Comes framed in either a made-to-measure chunky white or black wooden float mounted frame of your choice. This is the fourth drawing in my series ‘The Cute Collection’, based on very sweet-looking but not well known & endangered little creatures. This is the Feathertailed Glider, a marsupial native to Australia. They are the only known mammal to have a feather like tail. Tail length is 7-8cm and shaped just like the feather on a bird. They’re tiny and weigh just 10-15 gram, and have a membrane that can let them glide like a floating leaf for 14 m but have been known to glide up to 28 m. Fascinating and adorable little creature.

Feathertailed Gilder (The Cute Collection)

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