From my Hummingbird A-Z Series is D for the sadly endangered ‘The Dusky Starfrontlet Hummingbird (Coeligena orina) is a hummingbird species in the subfamily Trochilinae. It is found only at high altitudes in the Cordillera Occidental of Colombia, and was first discovered on Páramo de Frontino.[2] Its status was mysterious for a long time as it was only known from a few museum specimens; it was often held to be a mutant or color morph of some other species of Coeligena. When it was rediscovered in 2004, in what is now the Colibri del Sol Bird Reserve, its status as a distinct species was confirmed. Endangered status: Critically Endangered.

Oil, acrylic, gold leaf and spray paint on 3D wooden panel. 

We offer two beautiful framing choices on our artwork, of either a flat white wooden tray frame or a black flat natural wooden tray frame. These modern choices compliment the artwork perfectly and suit most decors.

Dusky Starfrontlet Hummingbird


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