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Acrylic, iridescent paint and fine glitter on Birch wood panel, 20x20cm. Each piece comes in its own made to order mini wooden coffin ⚰️ (see photos). Purchase enquiries please contact us at

The moth has been highlighted in blue iridescence to make it look as though it’s bathing in moonlight, the deep blue glitter stars twinkling in the background ✨.

I love these moths not just for the skull on the thorax, but they are also strikingly large moths and have the ability to squeak when alarmed!

This moth is a symbol of death and rebirth, while others see it as a representation of transformation. Some also believe that this moth has a strong connection to the spirit world, and that it can help us to connect with our ancestors and other spiritual guides…

Death Hawk Moth - Dark Omen Iridescent Series Sold 🔴

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