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Acrylic, fine glitter, colour change paint and iridescent medium on Birch wood panel, 20x20cm. For purchase detail Contact Us at

Rats are commonly thought of (wrongly) as spreaders of disease and viruses, as well as vermin. But actually Rats often spend hours grooming themselves or each other. It’s now thought that the Great Plague of 1665 was spread by human lice and fleas and not by rats. Also rays have been shown to be empathic, intelligent and social creatures.

Infact there are even life-saving rats called HeroRATs who sniff out the chemical compounds of TNT (explosive) found in landmines and other explosive remnants of war. They ignore scrap metal making them much faster at detecting landmines than metal detectors! So the humble rat definitely had to be included in my Dark Omen Series which focuses on animals that are thought of in a negative light… 🐀

Rat - Dark Omen Series

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