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Ink on Watercolour Fine Art Paper 300gsm, available in two sizes. Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered by the Artist. The Chinese New Year Bear is a Great Panda, which are native to China. He has a Yin Yang symbol on his stomach to symbolise how that in Chinese mythology the Panda is the incarnation of Yin and Yang, as they are half black and half white. Yin and Yang, representing the duality and balancing of the shadow and the light. The Panda is deep red, believed to be a lucky colour in China. He is meditating and connecting to a Chinese dragon, which is floating in the Universe to connect it all with Chinese Astrology, as 2024 is also the Year of the Dragon. The Chinese New Year is governed by the Lunar Cycle which is represented by two moon-shaped portals floating to the left and right of the meditating Panda.

Chinese New Year/Year of the Dragon Bear

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