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Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 80x80x4cm (2019)

This painting is tapping into the Greek myth of the lesser God ‘Aristeaus’, Son of Apollo and a Demi-God of the creative arts such as bee-keeping. He lived his bees deeply and was heart broken one day to find them all dead. He had to make a sacrifice to bring the bees back, and story resonated and has a parallel with what’s happening with bees being lost now to pesticides and climate change....

We offer two beautiful framing choices on our originals of either a flat wooden white natural tray frame with a white mount backing, or a black flat natural wooden tray frame, with black mount backing.

These modern choices compliment the artwork perfectly and suit most decors. We can also deliver framed painting overseas (postage included).

Child of Aristeaus


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