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Oil, acrylic and and spray paint on cradled gessoed wooden panel. 61x45x4cm. Piece will come framed in white wooden tray frame. For purchase enquiries contact us at

This piece is a play on the famous ‘Bored Ape’ NFTS (Non-fungible Token) that were created using Ethereum, like a large number of NFTs. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that uses up a huge amount of energy and is terrible for the Environment, which is why I have highlighted this with a forest fire burning in the background, and a real ‘Bored Ape’ - whereas the NFTs used cartoon apes. This piece is also commenting on the fact that we are also essentially the ‘bored apes’, as we have evolves from apes to the point where we are so disconnected from nature, and so dissatisfied - despite all our consumerism and instant gratification, that we are destroying the planet in the process of just trying to satisfy our greed for more and more….

Bored Ape

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