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Ink on Somerset Velvet 330gsm Paper, heavily handfinished by the Artist in fine glitter and iridescent paints. 50x50cm, Limited Edition. PRE-SALE: This product is officially released on Saturday 16th September for 48 hrs only, pre-sales will be sent out after this date. Edition size will be governed by amount of the Edition that are sold.

The piece is called ‘Abundance’ as nature is naturally abundant with life when we give it a chance. I have never seen a swarm of butterflies but would love to one day. I keep hearing in the new how our insects are sadly in decline, so swarms of butterflies will become much more of a rarity if we don’t start protecting what we have left.


This kaleidoscope of butterflies are of Blue Morphos which are declining in numbers due to habitat loss. It is also just the male butterflies that are this gorgeous iridescent blue colour 🦋

Abundance - Handfinished Edition SOLD OUT

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