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New Timed-Release Print - 'Waking Dream', only available until November 22nd 2020.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I was fairly on track with my blog posts until Covid hit! Time to get them back on track and what better time than the release of my first timed-release print! This piece is called 'Waking Dream' and is a Giclee on Somerset Velvet 330gsm Paper with Iridescent Blue Handscreened Background and Handscreened Gloss Varnish Butterflies, 48x60cm. This Edition is only available until Sunday 22nd November, the number of editions will be dictated by how many sell in the time window. Framing options also available in either a black or white float mounted modern wooden frame, so your piece arrives ready to hang in a high spec frame. You can expect to recieve your piece 2/3 weeks after November 22nd. 10% of all profits go to the Forests for Monarchs charity! You can buy the piece under Shop on the website.

I decided to call this piece ‘Waking Dream’, because it has a lot of thoughts behind it. I’ve used a swarm of Monarch butterflies as they’re stunningly beautiful, which is magnified en masse - but they’re also endangered, and in that way represent life, which is both beautiful and finite. Having them in a swarm also represents the chaos of life, especially in our current times, and a few of the butterflies are glitching, which is questioning reality itself. Is this all even real? Is it a simulation or even a dream?......

This is me creating the original painting from which this print evolved from, except the print has the added gloss and iridescent effects.