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More pieces form the Instant Gratification Series

I used to think that fries were the only cruelty-free item on a fast food menu as it didn't consist of any animals products, but I was shocked to discover the fries are often cooked in beef fat for a certain taste! That inspired the piece below which features a tearful cows eye painted on a chip box. It has been well documented how young calfs are taken away from their mothers after only a day or so, which cause the mothers to cry out for them, sometimes for days, try to follow the removal vehicles that hold their young calf and even tears have been seen rolling down their cheeks, and even the calf's cheeks due to the distress caused..

'Would You Like Eyes with That?', acrylic on chip box

'Pig Out', acrylic on fast food bag

Pigs are the most intensively farmed animal in the world, and suffer some of the most inhumane conditions in factory farming, with mother bigs kept in bar cages they can barely move in. Forced to have litter upon litter of piglets until their body breaks from the relentless cycle, and the conditions mean they cannot form a bond with the piglets like they would normally. The piglets are also removed before they are fully weaned at around 3 weeks.