• Louise McNaught

I Was So Naive...

‘I Was So Naive’, acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas. This new piece I have recently completed has felt even more poignant in the last few days. It’s all about things not being quite what they seem...We all thought we had a cold or maybe the flu and were trying to carry on and tough it out, but then my daughters bubble at school was closed as someone has been in contact with a person who had tested positive with Covid. My husband took a test and it came back positive, so then we all got tested and Autumn was also positive (I was negative but have taken another tests as I’ve had the exact same symptoms as them so it’s thought to be a false negative). What we thought was a typical winter bug was actually Covid! Eight other members of her class have also tested positive so far, and people seem to all get different symptoms. We didn’t get the fever, the loss of taste or cough (well I developed it - but much later on). We are about 9/10 days in and are still symptomatic and SO tired but thankfully not too bad considering what this virus can do. This is a very strange virus and feels nothing like I thought it would ....

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