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Another piece for my Solo Show ‘Dominate’.

Since I was very little I was always drawn to animals, sometimes I think more than people! They were all I wanted to draw, especially powerful ones like lions, tigers and in latter years - Stags. Drawing and painting these string animals inspired me as I was quite a slight child and obviously not very strong. The stags in particular also have a strong connection with my Scottish roots, and I always remember being so excited and slightly nervous when we would come across deer on woodland walks with our dog (though now realise they’re gentle beings 99% of the time - except rutting season!) I still love capturing the power of the rutting stags even now, and the way I have used technical interference in this painting gives the stags much more energy and movement, like they are tearing through the fabric of reality itself...

This piece is 100x100cm, oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas and will be part of my Solo Show in Newcastle with @theaviary_art new gallery on December 10th.