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New Painting soon to drop on the Website and Solo Show Catalogue now online!

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on this young male lion cub in a piece I'm going to call 'Heir', in a response to the adult male lion paintings I did earlier this year called 'King' and 'King of a Fading Kingdom'. It is a sad fact that lion are becoming endangered, so this cub is fading away in certain sections in this piece. Also I don't usually list paintings on my website but I will be for a change with this one due to the amount of interest. Its 60x60cm painted in oil, acrylic and spray paint. So if you are interested to hear when he will be on there please sign up to my website on the landing page.

Also its my upcoming Solo Show 'Consume' at the Royal Overseas League starting June 27th (Private View) and on until September 1st. The online catalogue of artworks is also now available here:

I'm very excited about this body of new work as it take my art in a new direction, namely focusing consumerism and popular culture and how it affects nature.

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