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Last Artist Art Fair this year at Sussex Art Fairs at Goodwood Racecourse and an Announcement!

Last weekend we were at the inaugural Sussex Art Fair at Goodwood Racecourse in Chichester. It was great to meet a new audience in this part of the world and share my art with them, a very beautiful place (albeit cold inside the main building - thankfully I was in the conservatory!) . It has also clarified a few things for me. Doing the Solo Art Fairs takes up an awful lot of time an energy away from painting and obviously family time because they fall over weekends - so I have decided from now on to focus on doing Open Studio events from my Studio in Surrey, I'm thinking perhaps every two or three months depending what's going on. I live just off the top of Bookham High Street so there is lots of parking nearby and it just seems to make sense as I have lots of people asking if they can visit the Studio now anyway. I am still doing the Art Yard Sale with Artrepublic on June 2nd in Brighton as this is very much organised by the gallery and is only for one day, and I always thoroughly enjoy this, and I will always do art fairs with Galleries like the Affordable Art Fair etc - but if you would like to hear of my open studio events do please sign up to my mailing list (found on the home page of this website). Thanks to everyone that came along to Chichester, now to focus on the Art Yard Sale and my upcoming Solo Show!

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